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Consistency yields RESULTS!!

Consistency yields RESULTS!!


We have just finished our last phase of our training mesocycle and to say we are impressed of our members progression would be an understatement.

PB after PB with some seriously impressive feats of strength shown.

Seeing members from where they start at the beginning, new to a small group training environment, not 100% comfortable with lifting weights, to then 16 weeks later repping out pull-ups, lifting 100Kg +, feeling physically and mentally stronger, is why we do what we do at EMP.

Life is a journey and our mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves through a sustainable approach leading to long term progression.

We focus on things we can do consistently day after day, and our training approach is no different. Our program is structured long term, not short term leaving room for improvement after every session. If you are willing to put the work in consistently, with our guidance RESULTS will show!!

With our new phase starting, we are looking forward to seeing what results our members achieve over the next few months leading into the end of 2020!!

Unlimited coaching for only $50/wk...

Join our TeamEMP today!!

Coach Luke


Unlimited coaching- ONLY $60/wk!!

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