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Technique to long term RESULTS!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Habit stacking!!


We always advocate how important it is to have goals. Clear goals give us the ability to understand the process we must take to achieve them. Although goals can sometimes be completely outcome focussed.

The issue with being completely outcome focussed is that it can often be a hard slog to the top of the mountain. So often the process is lost. When we sit down with clients we get really clear in what they want to achieve. But shortly after that our role as a coach is to understand who they must become and repeatedly do to achieve those things.  

Habit stacking is my favorite technique to do so. Let's break things down into the main key areas for any athlete or general pop person that wants to increase their performance. The areas we put out focus on our Nutrition, exercise and Recovery.

Let me give you a few examples on why you should focus on habit stacking rather than focusing on the outcome. Results come from building strong foundations. strong habits are the cornerstone of building that foundation.

These are some outcome focused examples for the key areas.

-Sleep 8 hours a night

-lose 10kg

-Drink 3Lt of water

Now this is how we can habit stack to make these things happen. -Sleep 8 hours a night = no phone half an hour before bed, consume no caffeine past 2pm, mediaite to get in a relaxed state  -lose 10kg = no snacking, set a daily step count, minimal number of days you have to workout, structured program, accountability buddy. -Drink 3L of water daily = no caffeine prior to a bottle of water, set an alarm during the day as a reminder.  

You need to start thinking of the habits it takes to achieve those goals. compounding discipline that adds up. stacking your habits leads to outcome focused goals. 

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