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The EMP Method online coaching service is built upon providing endless support, accountability and all the tools needed to achieve long term, sustainable RESULTS!! 

What's included:

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Every member of the EMP METHOD is asked to fill out a pre-questionaire to give us a insight into what your goals and specific dietary needs are in order for us to customise a meal plan accordingly.

All our plans are calorie based with specific macronutrient breakdowns according to your goals.

Every meal is broken down into calories + macros so it is easy for you to follow, along with ingredients and basic recipes for each meal.

Each week you will receive a shopping list of all the foods you are required for the week so all the thinking is done for you.

Other options you can choose from are:

Daily meal frequency, optional swap if don't like a meal, cuisine types such as vegetarian, low carb, keto plus more and food intolerances/allergies.


We believe Nutrition plays an important role in long term success that's why all our plans are a sustainable approach.

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We pride ourselves on training with intention and intensity.  Our programs have been specifically designed by your EMP coaches using scientifically proven training systems.


Our programs are broken down into 7 day structures and are easy to follow through detailed movement instructions, video demonstrations and a built in timer.

Based on your goal, whether that be to lose fat, gain muscle, increase performance or just generally feel stronger and fitter, we back our programs to get the best out of you.

We have programs to cater training at home, outdoors or in a gym. 




All EMP Method members will also receive access to our education section, where we provide content on all things health and fitness.

Here you will find in depth supplement information, daily habits, extra mini programs, mobility tutorials, and much more.

Our aim is to not only help you succeed, but also educate you along the way.



-Daily habits/goals

-Weekly Progress checklist

 -Access to extra cardio workouts

- Access to extra 30+ workouts

-Private TeamEMP FB group access

-24/7 support + accountability


All members will have access to everything above at their fingertips through our user friendly EMP APP

(Downloadable on iTunes/Android)

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