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We can help you & we want to help you!


We get you may be time poor, putting everyone else first.


BUT there comes a time where you need to commit to investing in yourself again.


If your struggling with


️ -A weak core 

️ -Niggling injuries

️ -Accountability + motivation

️ -Lack of muscle 

️ -Slow metabolism 

️ -Unwanted extra KGs


Now is that time to make the commitment to a change for the better


With our results proven program we guarantee to help you: 


 -Strengthen your core

 -Build lean muscle 

 -Lose unwanted KGs 

 -Fix your mobility reducing injuries

 -Regain confidence again 

 -Provide you with support + accountability 


We have helped many of our EMP girls achieve amazing results and we want you to be our next success story 


We provide you with the highest standard of coaching in an environment that you will feel comfortable with on going support. 


So if your ready to make the commitment to yourself, click the link below to book a free consult with one of our coaches


We look forward to working with you soon 


Having just joined, I feel very lucky to be apart of the EMP fam! Their small group classes have a PT type feel with a very well thought out program that is easy to follow and allows you to see your progression over the weeks which is very motivating and also keeps you accountable and on track. The trainers are so knowledgeable and supportive and are just as keen to see you smash your goals as you are to make them! 👊🏼


Love everything about EMP. Best gym in the Forest. Luke and Mel are excellent trainers and know so much. I always wanted to lift weights at a gym but had no idea what I was doing. EMP provides the perfect balance of strength and conditioning training and there are plenty of classes to choose from. A lot of thought and planning goes into their programming and it makes it super easy to turn up and have it all outlined for you. Everyone is super supportive and just wants you to smash your own goals. From the moment I stepped into EMP I never felt intimidated or out of place. I was welcomed from Day 1 and we have many laughs along the way.


Having joined EMP when first opened I had a hip injury and was also in a training rut. Luke and Mel were so informative, supportive and caring and have since paved the way to a more structured results driven exercise regime that I absolutely enjoy. I also love the group classes as I am challenged to achieve better outcomes each time with Luke’s encouragement. Best of all I feel the best I have in a long while and am injury free ! EMP caters for all walks of life, age and fitness levels, has a wonderful sense of community and is hands down the best gym I have been to in many decades!

Book a free consult !

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